Not enough storage is available to complete this operation

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Not enough storage is available to complete this operation

Postby Daves » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:47 pm

I purchased DBF Commander Professional to get tables from a FoxPro database into Microsoft Sql Server. This has worked perfectly except for 1 table. The table in question has 194 fields and 88000 records. The .dbf file is 115MB on disk, the .fpt file is 1.1GB on disk.

Anything I try to do seems to result in the error message in the title of this post - even selecting just 10 rows filtered on an integer field gives this error, and I am unable to export even 1 row to SQL Server.

Can anyone please advise or make any suggestions?

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Re: Not enough storage is available to complete this operati

Postby Admin » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:11 pm

Hello Dave,

1. Please take a look at the General fields of your file. Fields of such type contain images or other binary data, that you may won't need at the SQL Server database. Delete unnecessary fields. If you won't be able to delete a field, try to clear its data previously - manually or using an SQL query similar to the following:
Code: Select all
UPDATE table1 SET field1=NULL

Don't forget to make a backup before.

2. Check all Memo fields and delete unnecessary fields also.

3. If this won't help, I have to ask you to provide the link to these files (both DBF and FPT compressed into ZIP), so I could download it and explore in details on my side.
Best regards,
Oleg Zhechkov
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